Choomantar is an open source  data security software which hides the data into some other file called as carrier file. The hiding of data in carrier files depends on a key which is taken from the user. The software was completely based on Kerckhoffs’ principle – That the algorithm can be public till the key is private.

The project is based on the concept that data can be made secure if the presence of data was not known to anyone. This is achieved by hiding data inside another file called as carrier files. As image files are transferred a lot over the internet image carriers are best to hide other files in them. The project supported a lot of carrier files like image file formats like BMP,GIF,JPG. Also other carriers files like text files were also supported by the software. The other features the software provided were splitter which would split files in smaller units and then could be combined later. The other feature was a floppy cleaner which cleaned the data of every sector of the floppy.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • I was responsible to gather requirements for the project .For gathering the requirements we had studied the current products in the market on steganography.Then a feature list was made to make the software better than the ones in market.
  • I was responsible for designing the project. Involved in coding and system testing for the project.

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